there has to be a neurologist out there somewhere that would date me
right now


So tiny! So cute!


Who wants to sit at the cool kids table when you can sit at the duel kids table?


im the dark magician

fuck me

hello i’m looking for a male neurologist between the ages of 35-50


watercolour + gouache + ink

ur art is so coool

thank you very much :) you’ve turned my imminent scowl upside-down

"why didn’t you start your summer work earlier"

why don’t you break a dick off in your ass

i need to read 4 books write 9 essays read and outline 3 physics chapters answer 3 chapters worth of physics practice questions and section questions and also do a physics packet

i just drank a 5 hour energy
i have another one in case my energy runs out before i’m ready
i also have two energy drinks

i hate work
i fucking hate, my job
i fucking hate everything about that place except the workers
why did you schedule me so many fucking long morning shifts this week, right before i go back to school. right when i need to do all this work

obligatory picture day selfie post